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Sandys Parish Council

To facilitate community participation, represent the interest of residents and coordinate services that enhance the quality of Parish life.

Sandys Parish Council is an organisation that tries to be accessible and dependable. Althought we have access to limited resources;  we strive to manage those resources effectively and to treat all Sandys resident's requesst and concerns with consideration, respect and for the common parish good.

We believe in the value of consistently demonstrating a commitment to the role and responsibilities of the Council.

We believe in recognizing and protecting the right to privacy of individuals.

All our decisions are ethical, honest and in the best interest of the residents of Sandys Parish, its visitors, and its Community members. We pride ourselves on doing what is right for the community and the environment of Sandys Parish.

We respect, recognize and value diversity and we treat all members of our community with dignity.

We care about the environment and amenities and their preservation for future generations.